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Welcome to, the online home of Mann & Partners, LLP. We are a dynamic team of lawyers practicing in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  

Please note that Mann & Partners, LLP has just changed its name to Mann Lawyers LLP.  We are redesigning our website to reflect the name change and to make it more user-friendly.  In the meantime, all information on this website other than the name remains accurate.  Thank you in advance for visiting us.

We provide a broad range of legal services and representation to a diverse clientele of individuals and businesses. We are able to custom-build the team needed to effectively resolve your legal needs, from courtroom to boardroom and everything in between.

At Mann & Partners, LLP, we take special care to get to know our clients. We know the law, we have the experience, and we work hard to support our clients on every step of the way towards their optimal solutions.



The lawyers at Mann & Partners, LLP come from diverse backgrounds and have a broad range of experience, allowing us both to perform as a powerful team and to match the right lawyer to each client's needs.

Our lawyers are regarded as leaders in one of the finest communities in Canada, active in not-for-profit organizations, arts and athletic organizations, legal education, and business development groups.

Our location in Ottawa allows us direct access to all federal government services and departments, as well as to some of the finest legal resources in the country.

Our website has been designed for ease of use, while still providing the depth of information you need in deciding which lawyer or law firm to hire. This site's primary focus is to help you find out more about who we are, more about what we do, where to start, and how to reach us. There are plenty of helpful resources such as our helpful links to related resources and articles about legal topics written by our own lawyers. You may also find it helpful to check out the answers to some frequently asked questions.

We look forward to hearing from you.