Where to start

If you have never hired a lawyer before -- or even if you have -- taking a moment to review the basics of the lawyer/client relationship might reduce some of the anxiety that can come along with this unfamiliar territory.
Here is a brief article for you to read to help you demystify the process of hiring a lawyer: Hiring a Lawyer.

We have also put together some tips when you hire us for particular things, such as

 Most often, unless you are searching for a particular lawyer by name (available on the section Who We Are) your trip through our site will start by ensuring that we offer the services you require to handle your legal matter.

You can begin by finding the area of law you need by reviewing our list of legal services on our What We Do page. There you will find a list of lawyers at our firm providing services in that area.

Then it is as simple as contacting any one of those lawyers, and we'll help you take it from there. For greater detail about the basics of contacting us, review the page above called Hiring a Lawyer.

Not sure? Just call 613-722-1500, or send an e-mail to Please note that you should avoid sensitive information in e-mail, as the security of your account (and the internet) may be less than absolute.