Our Support Team

We at Mann & Partners are extremely proud of the staff that provide such great support for us and for our clients.  We hope that you will come to appreciate them as much as we do whenever you have occasion to deal with one of them.

Sue Oliver, at reception, has been with us for many years and is endlessly cheerful and helpful to clients, staff and lawyers.

The Partners are assisted in administration by Anne Schmidtke, our comptroller, who manages cash flow and the firm’s financial records.  Anne has been with Ted for over 20 years, and continues to provide a valuable contribution to the firm’s stability. Anne is assisted by Jennifer Murdock, who also takes care of accounts receivable, and is so pleasant to deal with, even when she is asking for money!

Human Resources management can present its challenges, and the firm is grateful for Karen Barter’s hard work as HR manager.  Karen is also Ted’s assistant, a challenge in and of itself.  Karen keeps the firm calm and steering forward with her “mother earth” manner and care and concern for all around her.  

In our wills and estates department, we are proud to have Wendy Sauriol with us, who has brought with her over 35 years experience in the field.  Wendy provides clerk support to Heather for both estates and wills.  Tracy McIntosh has been a quick study in learning the ropes under Wendy’s tutelage, and does a great job supporting Ted with his wills and estates practice.

Christine McLeod Richards, with many years of experience in the field of corporate/commercial law, as a thorough experienced law clerk provides guidance and management for the team supporting the corporate/commercial practice for André, Lacey and Ted.  Elizabeth Gray and Sherry Diener also provide invaluable contribution to the corporate/commercial practice.

The family department is blessed with Debi Parker, who switched from real estate to family law several years ago, and proved herself to be a quick and keen learner, now performing well as the family law clerk for Caspar and Mimi.

Avvy Laing is proving to be of invaluable assistance to Caspar and Kate in their expanding family law practice.

Residential Real Estate is a pressure-cooker, and it takes cool heads to manage files on behalf of Daniella, Jason and David.  Kristine Kerwin has been great at providing that support for the development real estate practice while staying calm, cool, and, most of all, extremely competent.  Jennifer Boulanger is a recent addition to the team and has proven to be a quick learner in assuming responsibility in relation to residential real estate files. For the summer months, the busy real estate department is supplemented by Ashley Maksimovic, who provides assistance in the residential real estate and development areas.

Ellie Adams, who completed her clerk training in Northern Ireland prior to emigrating, provides support to Heather, in organizing, managing, and assisting her both in her real estate and her wills and estates practice. 

The lawyers in the busy litigation department are being supported by three very capable assistants, namely Tammy Reid, Brittany Frid and Jennifer Banning.

Breanne Grenier, who is a fulltime university student, provides assistance for reception and other administrative functions in the office, both during the summer and also other days during the year – she is always helpful and brings a keen mind to whatever task she is given.

All in all, we are very fortunate to have, in our staff, a group of talented and committed individuals who believe in the principles of the firm, including the desire to allow our clients to feel heard and supported, and who approach their jobs in a professional and competent manner – we are indeed very lucky.