Estate Litigation

When a loved one passes away a host of problems can be uncovered, particularly if there was insufficient estate planning.  Estate litigation issues can be emotional, distressing and difficult to understand, not to mention expensive.    

Our lawyers will work with you during this stressful period and provide you with the necessary guidance to make fully informed decisions when you are the Estate Trustee.  We will work hard to settle your case and avoid costly litigation, but if that is not possible, we know how to support you to move your matter effectively through the courts. We have experience in all levels of Ontario and federal courts and administrative tribunals, as all types of alternative dispute resolution, which is mandatory and for estate disputes.

We can assist with the following:

Contested wills

Dependent support claims

Claims re estate administration

Guardianship disputes

Power of attorney disputes

Passing of accounts

Removal of an executor

Trustee disputes

Variations of trust

Will interpretation

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