Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation or “Executive Comp” is a specialized area of employment and business law dealing with the pay, bonuses, and perquisites “perks” provided to executives and managers. Companies rely on carefully worded contracts that attempt to strike a balance between providing incentives to executives to perform at their very best, while protecting the company from liability if the executive is terminated or resigns. Executive Comp requires a particular level of expertise, not only with respect to employment law, but corporate governance, shares, pensions, and benefits. On their face, these contracts can appear generous, but attention must be paid to the fine print.

Companies balance the objectives of designing compensation plans that are attractive to candidates while, at the same time, aligning executive and corporate interests. They also need to remain compliant with government regulation. At Mann Lawyers we are able to engage in sensitive compensation negotiations while avoiding adversarial conflicts.

Areas in which we are able to advise include:

· Claw-backs
· Public disclosure
· Long-term incentive plans
· Cliff vesting
· Restricted Share Units
· Non-competition clauses
· Golden handcuffs
· ESA termination clauses
· Shareholder Agreements

The team at Mann Lawyers LLP, comprised of corporate, transactional, and litigation lawyers, is well-placed to assist executives at any stage in their career.

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