New Year, New Beginnings

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A quick Google search of the words “January” and “divorce” will lead you to several articles about the spike in separations and divorces in the month of January. Whether or not January is actually the month which sees the most marital breakdowns, it is undoubtedly true that the month following the holidays is a time of year when people are looking to make a change, including to their relationships. Couples stay together for many reasons over the holidays, but the month of January is full of resolutions and symbolizes the opportunity for a fresh start.

If you are part of a couple who has decided to go your separate ways, here are some tips on what to do next:

Get Some Legal Advice

Regardless of the nature of your separation — amicable, contentious, complicated — you should understand your rights and obligations. You should also get educated on the various ways to resolve the aspects of the separation, whether through alternative dispute resolution like mediation or through court processes. Speak with friends or family members about possible referrals for lawyers and try to find a lawyer who feels like a good fit for you.

Do Some Financial Planning

Separation and divorce require the untangling of finances, the equalization of property, and the determining of support obligations. It can be expensive. In the short term, think about how you will budget for extra expenses, such as legal fees, moving costs, and other unexpected financial obligations.  It is important not to make any big financial decisions until you have an understanding of your financial circumstances following separation.

Take Care of Yourself

The end of a relationship can be difficult. Seek out counselling if you are having difficulty coping and try making some resolutions that are fun and positive and will help you to see your new beginning in a different light. Rely on the support of family and friends to see you through. Time heals all!

This blog post was written by Kate Wright, a member of the Family Law, Wills and Estates and Litigation teams.  She can be reached at 613-369-0383 or at

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