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When one household turns into two following a separation, there are many adjustments for parents and children to make.  Everyone is adjusting to a new reality, new schedules and new ways of communicating with each other.  Below we have listed different tools which, when used effectively and appropriately, can help to ease the transition into a new normal.

Parenting Apps

In recent years, apps geared towards separated parents have been gaining in popularity.  These apps are designed to assist parents manage all of the issues that commonly arise for co-parents, such as managing schedules and expenses and effective communication about the children.

There are a variety of apps on the market but the one most commonly referred to in my practice is “Our Family Wizard”.  The features of this app include a calendar, message board, expense log and journal.  It even includes an optional add-on called “ToneMeter” which allows users to identify emotionally changed words and sentences and make adjustments before hitting send.

There is a subscription fee for the app.

Online Calendars

Some parents choose to have a joint online calendar to help manage parenting time and children’s activities.  Google Calendar is a popular option.  Using a joint calendar helps to ensure that there is no miscommunication about scheduling and avoids disputes over misunderstandings.

Video Calls

Video call apps can help parents and children connect when the children are with the other parent.  While it may be necessary to put parameters on the use of such technology to ensure that it works well for all involved, it can help children to feel connected to their parents, particularly if they are in an alternating weekly schedule and spend extended time away from each parent.

This blog post was written by Kate Wright.  Kate is a member of the Family Law, Wills and Estates and Litigation teams.  She can be reached at 613-369-0383 or at

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