Buying a Home Under Power of Sale? Proceed with Caution

With the price inflation in today’s current market resulting in homes becoming unaffordable for many, Buyers are turning to properties being sold under power of sale.  While purchase prices on power of sale properties may be appealing, especially in this market, there are risks, clauses and conditions associated to proceeding with this type of purchase […]

Importance of Construction Contracts in a Construction Project

Construction and renovation projects are a big investment for all parties involved, whether you’re an Owner, a Contractor or a Subcontractor. Such projects involve risks, including but not limited to, financial risks, project delays and safety risks. The best way of alleviating these risks and chances of a construction or renovation project running into issues […]

‘Tis the Season….for Christmas Access

It’s that time of the year where for most, it’s the countdown for gift shopping, baking and tree decorating, but for others, such as separated parents, it is a time of stress, concern and uncertainty as to whether they will be able to spend time with their children. As separated parents, it’s important to carefully […]

Non-Disclosure in the Context of a Domestic Contract: Beware!

As family lawyers, we are often contacted by clients who want a domestic contract negotiated, drafted and/or reviewed as quickly as possible. However, before this process can begin, there is an initial step that the spouses involved need to take. This step is the exchange of full and frank financial disclosure. Exchanging full and frank […]