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Can the Ottawa Virtual Family Law Project (VFLP) help you in COVID Times?

How do you get your family law matter dealt with in these COVID-19 circumstances, where the family court’s services have been either shut down or now confronted with a serious backlog? The Ottawa Virtual Family Law Project is an online directory of senior family law practitioners in Ottawa and area, formed in April, 2020.  It […]

Is Virtual Mediation a Real Alternative?

If you had asked me about virtual mediation as recently as a month ago my answer would have been categorical  –  I would have said that it would not be possible to conduct an effective mediation virtually. I was not a fan of technology and had managed to practice law for more than 35 years […]

Separating with Civility: Alternatives to Battling in Court

As a family law lawyer, I have seen firsthand the toll that expensive, divisive and protracted court battles can take on families who are going through a separation.  When separating spouses are involved in the court system, there is often a significant amount of stress and anxiety and this can add to the tension that […]

When Parents Can’t Agree – What Next?

One of the most challenging aspects of a separation can be coming to an agreement about custody and parenting time: where the children will live, how decisions will be made, where they will go to school, how holidays will be spent and the list goes on. When parents don’t agree about how decisions should be […]

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