Collaborative Family Law: Working with a Family Relations Professional in Your Separation

Collaborative practice offers an alternative for separating spouses who want to avoid the conflict and cost of litigation in their separation.  In this earlier blog, we described what makes the Collaborative practice different from other alternative dispute resolution options, such as mediation.  One of the distinguishing factors in the Collaborative practice is the use of […]

Separating with Civility: Alternatives to Battling in Court

As a family law lawyer, I have seen firsthand the toll that expensive, divisive and protracted court battles can take on families who are going through a separation.  When separating spouses are involved in the court system, there is often a significant amount of stress and anxiety and this can add to the tension that […]

Family Law on Gifts and Inheritances: Yours to Keep or Yours to Share?

It’s not uncommon for a spouse to get a gift or inheritance from his or her family. Someone will get a sum of money for a down payment towards a first home. Others will get a car gifted to them or an inheritance under a will. But what happens to these assets in a separation? […]