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The Family Cottage and Estate Planning

Few issues in estate planning cause a greater gnashing of teeth than trying to deal with the family cottage:  cottages can carry with them the best of memories, the strongest of emotional attachments, and the potential for the biggest battles, when it comes to succession planning.  Clients often don’t like dealing with their cottages specifically, […]

Planning for the Family Cottage

The dog days of summer are finally here and for many of us, this is prime cottage season.  A cottage property is a common asset for many in Ontario, however, one could argue that no other asset has the potential to cause so much trouble later on. As the name suggests, a “family cottage” is an asset which […]

Cottage Ownership and Liability

Cottage ownership comes with many rewards, but it also comes with some legal risks. Accidents and injuries can happen in the cottage, on the dock, on surrounding waterfront property, or on three water. These accidents can expose a cottage owner to legal liability to the injured person. Here are some tips for avoiding personal liability […]

Thinking of Buying a Cottage?

While it may seem like winter is never going to end, soon the snow will be gone and summer will be upon us. For some, this will be the summer they finally decide to buy that dream cabin in the woods where they can relax and get away from everything. However, purchasing a cottage is […]

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