Temporary Layoff Deadlines Suspended – Infectious Disease Emergency Leave

For many Employers across Ontario who were forced to temporarily lay off their staff in March 2020, the fact that it was soon going to be thirteen weeks since they had laid off their staff was a significant source of concern.  The reason:  at thirteen weeks many employers would have reached the temporary lay-off deadline […]

Lay-offs: the Dangers of Shooting First and Asking Questions Later

For employers and employees alike, lay-offs continue to be a largely misunderstood area of employment law. Many employers and employees believe that a lay-off occurs when the employer ends the employment relationship on a without cause basis. However, a true lay-off occurs when the employer temporarily stops employing an employee on the understanding that the […]

What is Required When a Fixed Term Contract has Expired?

There are many reasons an employer may want to hire a worker on a fixed term contract.  It could be to cover a maternity/parental leave, complete a specific project or because there is a fixed budget. Other times, an organization and the employee like the sense of certainty and mutual commitment that can be created […]

Terminations During the Probationary Period: Three Common Assumptions

Many employers like to take the first few months of a new employee’s employment to decide whether their new hire is the right addition to the team.   Some like to call it a probation, others, a trial or evaluation period. Irrespective of what it is called I have noticed three recurring assumptions about this initial […]

Updated Workplace Legal Obligations

There have been developments in the laws regulating the workplace since we originally posted this article. With many of the changes coming into effect, including new Employment Standards Act, 2000 posting requirements, we thought it a good time to update and re-post this article. In addition to reaching sales goals, managing expenses, marketing, and a […]

Can you get fired for NOT taking your breaks?

Ah…the age old question, how do you impress your boss?  To achieve this end, many people are inclined to work through their breaks and even lunch hours to show how effective and hard working they are.   However, it seems that going that extra mile may be a thing of the past.  Employers growing concerns surrounding […]

Job Protection when Family Members are Sick or Terminally Ill

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your job if a family member got sick and needed you to care for them? What Protections Are Available Now if a Family Member Gets Sick: Family Medical Leave? Currently, if a family member is terminally ill an employee, whether full time, part time or under a […]