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Reduced Accident Benefits And Insurance Broker Liability

On July 1, 2016 significant reductions in the Standard Accident Benefits (which are part of every Ontario automobile insurance policy) came into force. These are the benefits that are available to everyone injured in a car accident usually from their own insurance company. In years when there have not been changes to Accident Benefits most […]

You were injured in a car accident in the USA, what should you do?

Canadians travel to the United States regularly and in the winter months “snowbirds” flock to the southern states in their cars. Seldom do these motorists consider what it would mean if they were injured in a car accident during their trip. Each year, many Canadians are involved in car accidents while travelling in the US. […]

Court Of Appeal Clarifies Collateral Benefits Issues

There has been a steady reduction in the damages that innocent motor vehicle accident victims recover from the at-fault driver. The Ontario Government, working with the insurance industry, has been passing more and more restrictive laws and regulations to cut down on damage awards to innocent accident victims. The Ontario Court of Appeal recently released […]

Insurers – Bad Faith Negotiating

Many people don’t know this, but insurers are required by law to attempt to settle a motor vehicle accident claim as quickly as possible. If they drag their feet, play hardball, negotiate in bad faith or refuse to consider reasonable settlement offers then this behavior will be considered by the court when it comes time […]

Family Protection Endorsement – OPCF-44R

An Ottawa court case decided in January that the Family Protection Endorsement (OPCF-44R) did apply to cover a young man (not named in the policy) who received serious injuries in an accident caused by an uninsured driver.  Despite the fact the young man had a pattern of living at more than one location, the court found […]

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