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Back to School with COVID-19

Back to School with COVID-19 On Thursday, July 30th, Premier Doug Ford and the Education Minister released a plan for back-to-school for the fall. Elementary school children will return to school five days per week for a full day. Secondary school students at designated boards, including Ottawa-Carleton and Ottawa Catholic, will attend class on alternate […]

Shrinking Values: COVID-19 and its Potential Impact on Property Division

With COVID-19, many people have seen the value of their assets drop. An investment that was climbing with the market has now plummeted. The value of businesses have decreased with the ongoing closures. How long it will take for these to bounce back is anyone’s guess. In a separation, the value of one’s assets and […]

3 Precautions When Buying a House After Separating

One of the first talks that separating couples have is whether or not either party is moving out of the house. Kids or one’s own finances oftentimes make it clear that one can’t afford to leave. Some people, however, will move out, whether it’s to a family member’s home or to a rental. Sometimes, people […]

Jingle All the Way: Access Over Christmas

Most Separation Agreements or Court Orders will make special provisions for access over the holidays. Whether that means just Christmas Eve until Boxing Day, or the whole Christmas school break will depend on the particular family and the ages of the children. Families of different faiths will often make special provisions for access over Eid […]

Forcing the Sale of Real Property

In many situations, separating couples will have different opinions with respect to a home they own either jointly or as tenants in common. It’s not unusual for one party, typically the party that has moved out of the house at or shortly after separation, to want the property listed for sale, while the other party […]

The Importance of the Valuation Date in a Separation and How It Is Determined

In Ontario, when a married couple separates, the property accumulated during the marriage is to be equalized. The “valuation date” is the date upon which assets and liabilities will be valued as part of preparing the equalization calculation. Assets and liabilities will also be valued as at the date of marriage. In most family law […]

How Long Do You Have to Bring a Claim to Set Aside a Marriage Contract?

The court’s decision in the matter of F.K. v. E.A. 2019 ONCA 3707 rules on the issue of limitation periods concerning claims to set aside a marriage contract.  The court found that the request to set aside a Marriage Contract is a “claim” for the purposes of section 4 of the Limitations Act, 2002 S.O. […]

Mediation – Do I Really Need a Mediator AND a Lawyer?

The short answer to this question is: yes, you do still need a lawyer when participating in mediation. What is Mediation? Mediation is a common process used by separating couples. Mediation involves a neutral third party who helps you and your spouse or common law partner talk through the issues of separation. It is a […]

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