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Wait, My Mortgage Is Still Registered On Title?

When I speak to clients selling their home, one of the important questions I ask is whether there is a mortgage or line of credit secured against the property. Most of the time, clients will tell me there is still an amount owing on their mortgage and/or line of credit and that it will need […]

Thinking About “Just Adding a Name” to Your Title? Think Again.

In today’s real estate market it is becoming more common for relatives to add their names onto the title of a house to help the real owner — typically a child or parent — qualify for a mortgage. Many others look to add a relative to avoid estate administration taxes when the owner dies. What […]

Title – What’s on Your Deed

When you are purchasing a property with someone else, you will be asked how you wish to take “title” to the property. Title is also commonly known as the ownership of a property. You will have the following choice to make – will you take title as joint tenants or tenants in common. The main […]

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