Business Owner’s Checklist for 2019: Posters/ Policies/ Plans – Are You Compliant?

The variety and number of different pieces of legislation that govern Ontario workplaces can seem both overwhelming and time consuming for business owners.  The checklist below has been put together to help employers.  It is a compilation of some of the key requirements that employers must meet and includes links to posters and other free […]

Updated Workplace Legal Obligations

There have been developments in the laws regulating the workplace since we originally posted this article. With many of the changes coming into effect, including new Employment Standards Act, 2000 posting requirements, we thought it a good time to update and re-post this article. In addition to reaching sales goals, managing expenses, marketing, and a […]

Employer criminally charged over workplace safety obligation

On January 13, 2014, the Ontario Ministry of Labour released a decision regarding a death due to workplace safety violations. After two directors of the company pleaded guilty to safety violations in the workplace, the Ministry sentenced them to jail and fined the company. This serves as a sobering reminder to employers that they need […]

A Quick Guide for Employers on Workplace Legal Obligations

In addition to reaching sales goals, managing expenses, marketing, and a myriad of other obligations, business owners have a number of legal obligations that they must meet in respect of the workplace.  Recognizing that time and resources are at a premium, we have put together a list of some of the key statutory obligations, along […]

Working in Retail? Ontario is Trying to Protect Your Employment Rights.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour posted a bulletin on October 16, 2013 about how Ontario is trying to protect the rights of retail workers by promoting safety and fairness at the workplace. NEWS Ontario is taking action to protect retail workers’ rights and promote fairness in the workplace by launching a province-wide employment standards retail […]

Companies will be fined under Criminal Code if found liable for worker injury or death

Workers safety is paramount – see the below article written by  Lisa Stam on her blog “Employment and Human Rights Law in Canada” for a breakdown of a recent decision by the Ontario Court of Appeal regarding the safety of workers: Criminal Code Convictions for Worker Safety Yesterday, the Ontario Court of Appeal tripled the fine […]