Dating and Harassment in a 21st Century Workplace

While the advent of texting, sexting, dating sites and other on-line activities have added to the ways in which workplace romances can take a negative turn, workplace romances are not new.  Take, as an example, one of the earlier Dear Abby letters: DEAR ABBY:  We work in a large office.  Our office manager, I’ll call […]

Establishment and Termination of Bargaining Rights in Ontario

Establishment and Termination of Bargaining Rights in Ontario Employers and employees are significantly impacted when a union is introduced into or removed from a workplace. In this blog, we explain ways in which bargaining rights in Ontario are established and how they come to an end.  All parties are typically involved in the process in […]

Having Faith

Faith-based discrimination and harassment on the rise A 2016 study by the Environics Institute found that one-third of Muslims in Canada have experienced discrimination or unfair treatment in the past five years due to their religion, ethnicity / culture, language or sex.  The survey elaborates that this treatment is most commonly experienced in the workplace, […]

The State Has No Place In The Bedroom Of The Nation… But Does Your Employer?

In 1968, former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau ushered in significant changes to the Criminal Code, which had until then criminalized homosexuality, with the following well-known pronouncement: There is no place for the state in the bedroom of the nation. What is done in private between two adults does not concern the Criminal Code. Although […]

How and when to talk to HR

Employees who have the benefit of a Human Resources (“HR”) department or administrator are not always given an explanation of what role that it plays in their work lives.  It is generally understood that HR may be in charge of the hiring and recruitment process and perhaps in managing benefits and leaves. They can also […]

Updated Workplace Legal Obligations

There have been developments in the laws regulating the workplace since we originally posted this article. With many of the changes coming into effect, including new Employment Standards Act, 2000 posting requirements, we thought it a good time to update and re-post this article. In addition to reaching sales goals, managing expenses, marketing, and a […]

Three New Job-Protected Leaves of Absence Take Effect October 29, 2014

Today, three new job protected leaves of absence come into effect under the Employment Standards Act: (1) Family Caregiver Leave, (2) Critically Ill Child Care Leave, and (3) Crime-Related Child Death and Disappearance Leave. We have been actively following the progress of Bill 21, the Employment Standards Amendment Act (Leaves to Help Families), 2013, since March 2013 when […]

Notice for Employers: Accessibility Requirements must by completed by January 1, 2014

A message from the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario: Notice for Large Private and Non-Profit Organizations: If you are a business or non-profit with 50+ employees, you have  requirements coming up in 2014. By January 1, 2014, you must: Create a multi-year plan to meet your accessibility requirements. Establish policies to help you achieve your accessibility goals, and […]

Colleen Hoey quoted by The Globe and Mail on MP staffers’ confidentiality agreements

Colleen was quoted in The Globe and Mail with her opinion on the confidentiality agreements that MP staffers and caucus researchers are being asked to sign. Read the full article below. MP staffers forced to sign lifelong gag orders to get raises JOSH WINGROVE Ottawa — The Globe and Mail Published Wednesday, Dec. 11 2013, 3:44 PM EST Staff […]