But I Don’t Want the Job…

There are certain decisions that cover so many issues, that you know, from the first time that you read them, you will be coming back to them again. Justice Muszynski’s recent decision in Hickey v. Christie & Walther Communications Limited, 2020 ONSC 7214 (CanLII) is one of those decisions. The case is, at its core, […]

Executive Comp: Share Purchase Documents Prevail in Exec Wrongful Dismissal Litigation

For many executives, a great portion of their remuneration is derived from company shares. In the context of wrongful dismissal litigation, the value of those shares can become even more contentious than claims for pay in lieu of reasonable notice. Recently, in Mikelsteins v. Morrison Hershfield Limited, the Court of Appeal for Ontario clarified matters […]

Establishment and Termination of Bargaining Rights in Ontario

Establishment and Termination of Bargaining Rights in Ontario Employers and employees are significantly impacted when a union is introduced into or removed from a workplace. In this blog, we explain ways in which bargaining rights in Ontario are established and how they come to an end.  All parties are typically involved in the process in […]

Having Faith

Faith-based discrimination and harassment on the rise A 2016 study by the Environics Institute found that one-third of Muslims in Canada have experienced discrimination or unfair treatment in the past five years due to their religion, ethnicity / culture, language or sex.  The survey elaborates that this treatment is most commonly experienced in the workplace, […]

Pregnancy-Related Discrimination

Background Natalya Golovaneva came to me for guidance two weeks before her hearing before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario in July 2015.  She was determined to bring to light what she strongly felt was discrimination in the workplace on account of her pregnancy, which ultimately cost her a job. She had returned to school […]

Wal-Mart Fires Employee – Pet Lovers Beware

On July 11, 2013, Carla Cheney, a Wal-Mart employee in Kemptville, Ontario, was fired from her job after she confronted a customer who had left a dog in his truck before she commenced her shift. Later that day, she was fired. Wal-Mart stated that the “associate was absolutely not let go for trying to help […]