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Business Law

Not-For-Profits And Charities

Our Business Law team has extensive experience assisting large and small organizations in a variety of sectors with navigating the complex legal and regulatory framework unique to not-for-profits and charities.


We advise existing and yet to be established not-for-profits and charities on a wide range of legal issues including:

  • Incorporation, Supplementary Letters Patent, Articles of Amendment, and other organizational documents;
  • Trade name registration;
  • By-law creation and revisions (including preparation for the coming into force of the new Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010 (Ontario);
  • Annual governance, minute book maintenance and annual general meetings;
  • Director roles, rights, and obligations;
  • Member roles, rights, and obligations;
  • Charitable registration;
  • Regulatory compliance matters;
  • Risk management;
  • Privacy policies and terms of service;
  • Commercial lease preparation, negotiation and review;
  • General contract preparation, negotiation and review (including fundraising); and
  • Amalgamation, dissolution and revocation of charitable status.

No matter the service, we work directly with our clients throughout the process to ensure that they are fully informed and involved.


Incorporating a not-for-profit or charity can be challenging. At the start of a new business, decisions such as whether to incorporate provincially or federally or how to structure the business may significantly impact the organization in the future. Whether our clients are starting up a business or restructuring an existing organization, we work to develop and execute a plan that best suits each client’s unique needs and most effectively protects their interests.

Maintaining Good Corporate Governance

Operating a not-for-profit or charity requires a thorough understanding of the legal landscape. Our knowledgeable Business Law team is committed to keeping up to date with current legislation and judicial decisions, conducting careful analyses and providing in-depth information and service so that each of our clients can confidently maintain compliance in all aspects of corporate governance. We assist with annual general meetings, annual reports, resolutions, and minute book maintenance and have extensive experience in drafting, maintaining, and amending by-laws, articles of incorporation and letters patent.

Other Services

Corporate regulatory and legal frameworks for not-for-profits and charities often intersect with other areas of law. Mann Lawyers is uniquely situated given the various areas of law practiced at our firm. Where appropriate, our firm’s wide array of practice areas allow our Business Law team to collaborate, consult, and connect with experts in various areas of law to ensure a complete and thorough analysis of each matter.

Our Real Estate, Employment, Commercial Litigation, and Estates Teams also assist not-for-profits and charities with real estate transactions, employment contracts and disputes, conflict resolution, and estates matters (including charities named as beneficiaries in a Will or Trust).

Are you a member of a not-for-profit or charity seeking legal advice?

Look no further! For more information about our legal services relating to not-for-profits and charities, contact the Mann Lawyers Business Law team.

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