Powers Of Attorney

In Ontario, there are two different kinds of powers of attorney: an attorney for property and an attorney for personal care.

  • A power of attorney for personal care empowers an individual or individuals to make decisions about your health care, shelter, safety, hygiene, clothing and nutrition when you cannot make those decisions for yourself. You do not have to appoint the same individual to act as attorney for power and personal care.
  • A power of attorney for property empowers an individual or individuals to make financial decisions in the event of your incapacity or, depending on the terms of the power of attorney, while you are mentally capable. Our lawyers will review with you the benefits of appointing a power of attorney for property to manage your finances — and the effects of such an appointment — and recommend a course of action.

If you choose not to appoint a power of attorney and you become unable to make decisions, the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee has the authority to make decisions for you.  Someone may apply to be your guardian for personal care and property. The benefit of granting power of attorney is the ability to choose an individual, or individuals, whom you trust to manage your affairs and your health and well-being.

Prudent estate planning involves choosing the right people to make decisions on your behalf. An attorney is an individual to whom you entrust your financial and personal well-being when you can no longer make those decisions. 

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