Our Firm

Welcome to Mann Lawyers.  What began as a sole proprietorship started by Ted Mann in the mid-90’s, has become a law firm of over 30 lawyers practicing in all major fields of the law.

The history of our growth is outlined below:


Ted forms Gold Gilbert Mann.


Heather Austin-Skaret is called to the Ontario Bar and joins Gold Gilbert Mann.


Firm name changes to Mann & Associates.


Andre Martin is called to the Ontario Bar.


Mann & Associates becomes the partnership of Mann & Partners LLP with eight lawyers. Heather Austin-Skaret is welcomed as a partner.


Andre Martin is invited into partnership of Mann & Partners with the firm now at 12 lawyers.


Mann & Partners, LLP becomes Mann Lawyers LLP with 17 lawyers


Colleen Hoey and Daniella Sicoli-Zupo join the partnership, with the firm now approximately 20 lawyers.


A team from former firm Burke-Robertson LLP joins Mann Lawyers, now a firm of over 30 lawyers.

Throughout this time, our mission has remained the same – to deliver top-quality legal services to our clients for reasonable fees.  We also work hard to ensure that each and every client coming through our door feels welcome, at-home, heard, AND understood, so that the results we deliver can be tailor-made to satisfy the unique needs of each of our clients.

We foster an open, friendly, and professional environment where staff, lawyers, and partners enjoy coming to work and providing to you the best service we can.

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