Practice Management Program

We are proud to have a practice management program in place that ensures everything possible is done to provide lawyers and law students with the tools to do that work, and the opportunity to learn, to be supported, to grow and to obtain good quality work and develop their own practice.

All of our experienced lawyers participate in the mentoring of our lawyers based practice group experience and as need arises and relationships develop.  What sets our program apart from other firms is that in addition to practice oriented mentors, it ensures that each associate forms a professional/personal relationship with our General Counsel and Director of Practice Management, Scott McLean.  Our lawyers have the dual support and guidance of our experienced lawyers as well as active interaction with Scott throughout her/his career with the firm.

Scott works to enhance each associates’ experience at the firm and to discuss and consider any issues with them which require attention, including the following:

  • Orientation
  • Guidance on best practices
  • Professional concerns
  • relationships with lawyers
  • Guidance to develop specific practice areas to obtain quality work
  • Training
  • Opportunities for Continuing Education Programs (CEP)
  • File issues
  • Firm policies
  • Career development and advancement

Our program recognizes the importance of a lawyer’s development, from orientation (first day) to career development/advancement, and the firm is proud to be able to work with our lawyers to help them achieve their own professional growth.

The Articling Program for our summer and articling students is similar in nature.

Our aim is to ensure that every lawyer at Mann Lawyers LLP, at whatever level or stage of their career, benefits from and contributes to this program.

The firm recognizes the importance of a workplace that is professional, collegial, balanced, and supportive, providing the highest level of service and expertise to its clients. We believe that our practice management program enhances our environment so our lawyers can thrive and provide exceptional client service

Good People. Great Lawyers.

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