Diverse Backgrounds. Broad Experience.

We, at Mann Lawyers, are extremely proud of the staff that provides such great support for us and for our clients.  We hope that you will come to appreciate them as much as we do whenever you have occasion to work with one of them.

For the administrative needs of the firm, we have come to depend on and truly appreciate the work of Finance Manager Anne Schmidtke, HR and IT Manager Avaleah Plant, Susan Soubhie, the cheerful face of Mann Lawyers at reception, and Susan Down, Andrew Irish and Erin Loney who help out Anne in accounting. Michael Szakowski is our Office Assistant.

Amanda Burchmore, Jacqueline Huestis, Liyana Khezri Pour, Carol McCooeye, Julie Neilson and Shannon O’Toole, law clerks, provide their expertise and hard work in our wills and estates department.  John Buchan supports Heather Austin-Skaret in running her busy practice, while Liam Farrell supports Ted Mann with all administrative tasks.  Our corporate department needs are well met by clerks Sarah Casey, Paige Goertzen, Amanda Gutzeit,  Debbie Lane,  Laura Thompson and Winifred Stow-Wilson. Rebecca Chippure, Noel Lamontagne and Cathy Mandzuk provide invaluable assistance to the family law group. The pressure cooker of real estate (residential, commercial, and development) is well and ably handled by our clerks, Jonathon Brownrigg, Patricia Bryant, Lisa Chambers, Linda Kane, Kristine Kerwin, Genevieve Lagroix, Kim Milani and Rhonda Thomas-Simmonds.  Melissa Valliquette supports Ken Smith in the Perth office.  Our litigation department is proud of the support and administrative guidance it gets from Nancy Conrod, Joyce Gordon, Gail Baker-Gregory, Mary Neill, Samantha Senuik, and Julie Strike.

All in all, we are very fortunate to have, in our staff, a group of talented and committed individuals who believe in the principles of the firm, including the desire to allow our clients to feel heard and supported, and who approach their jobs in a professional and competent manner – we are indeed very lucky.

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