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Client Support Team

They may not realize it, but each of our clients experience the full impact of our team of quality-minded and highly dedicated professionals every time they meet with us.

Mann Lawyers

Mann Lawyers Client Support Team

At Mann Lawyers, we are very fortunate to work with a group of talented and committed individuals who believe in the principles of the firm, especially the desire to ensure our clients to feel heard and supported in every interaction with Mann Lawyers. Each approaches their jobs in a professional and competent manner and contribute to the high quality of client experience we all take pride in. Client Support Team members include:


Andrew Irish (Accounting Clerk), Anne Schmidtke (Finance Manager), David Elliott,  Shannon Stearns (Client Services Clerk), Susan Down (Junior Comptroller)


Avaleah Plant (HR and IT Manager), Martha Jeacle (Marketing and Office Manager), Alysha Lalonde (Reception), Taylor Hyde (Office Assistant)

Administrative Support

 Paige Goertzen (Andre Martin), Susan Soubhie (Heather Austin-Skaret)

Business Law Clerks

Beverley Morrow, Debbie Lane,  Kara Gartrell, Kristen Bellefeuille,  Melissa Valliquette, Paige Goertzen, Riddhi Malviya, Sarah Casey

Family Law Clerks

Rebecca Chippure and Stephanie Brethour

Litigation Law Clerks

Gail Baker-Gregory, Joyce Gordon, Julie Strike, Mary Neill, Nancy Conrod, Samantha Senuik

Real Estate Law Clerks

Belinda Robert-Gray, Danika Huybregts, Kristine Kerwin, Lisa Chambers, Melissa Valliquette, Nicole Phillips, Rukma Lavania

Wills and Estates Law Clerks

Carol McCooeye, Deborah Clarke, Isabelle El-Chidiac, Jacqueline Huestis, Jodie Dean, Julie Neilson, Melissa Valliquette, Vanessa LaRocque

If you aren’t finding the individual you were searching for, please reach out. We’ll do our best to help.

Offices in Ottawa and Perth     (613) 722-1500

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