Are You Facing a Long-term Disability?

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Here are 8 practical things you can do to manage the long-term disability claim process.

  1. Complete your application forms for your LTD claim in a timely manner. There are many forms which need to be submitted for an LTD claim. They should be submitted as soon as possible. There are often limitation periods set out in LTD policies and a delay could result in a denial of your LTD claim.
  2. Make sure that you consult with your family doctor or specialist for your LTD application.  Your doctor or specialist will need to complete a medical questionnaire for your LTD application. Make sure that your doctors are aware of the problems you have had at work because of your symptoms and limitations.
  3. Make sure your application supports your claim of disability. There may be a section in your LTD application which asks how you are feeling, or to describe your pain, injuries, physical and/or psychological limitations. Make sure to include a detailed description of how your medical condition prevents you from performing the requirements of your job.
  4. Let your medical records do the talking.  LTD insurers need to see medical evidence to corroborate your claim for disability benefits.  Your medical records, including those of your family physician, any specialist and other treatment providers, are needed to support your claim of disability.
  5. Follow the rules of the LTD provider. In your policy, you will find rules and procedures.  Make sure you follow them.  If you fail to comply with your LTD policy, the insurer will use that as an excuse to deny your LTD claim.
  6. Be careful with what you say over the phone with the adjuster. What you say during your phone calls with the adjuster may be used against you in the assessment of your LTD claim.
  7. Do not post to social media. Social media posts and evidence of time spent online could give your insurer an excuse to deny your LTD application. It may be advisable to reduce your activity on social media sites during the application period.
  8. Speak with a lawyer first.  You should not commit to any agreement or settlement without speaking with a lawyer first.

Kevin Cantor is Counsel at Mann Lawyers LLP and can be reached at 613-369-0360.

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