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“Til Death Do Us Part” – The Impact of Marriage on Your Estate

You have just exchanged vows with the love of your life.  Not exactly the time that you want to be thinking about what will happen when one of you dies. However, marriage does impact estate distribution and so it is important to review your estate plan at the time of your marriage, to ensure that […]

Estate Mediation – Getting Started and Getting to Yes

For those practicing estate litigation in Ottawa, Rule 75.1 of the Rules of Civil Procedure requires that the parties attend mediation at some stage of the litigation. Getting Started Estate litigation matters to which Rule 75.1 applies include contested Passing of Accounts, will challenges, support claims under the Succession Law Reform Act, guardianship applications or […]

Crisis or Opportunity?

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis’.  One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity.  In a crisis be aware of the danger but recognize the opportunity.”  John F. Kennedy Although it may have been subsequently pointed out that the meaning of the brush strokes used by the Chinese […]

Is Virtual Mediation a Real Alternative?

If you had asked me about virtual mediation as recently as a month ago my answer would have been categorical  –  I would have said that it would not be possible to conduct an effective mediation virtually. I was not a fan of technology and had managed to practice law for more than 35 years […]

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