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Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law

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Perhaps you are facing mounting debts and are unable to find a clear path forward. Or perhaps you are within the bankruptcy process and need legal support.  Or, maybe you are a creditor seeking to obtain the funds owed to you and need expert advice. Turning to a bankruptcy and insolvency lawyer can potentially spare you from further hardship. By taking advantage of legal services from experienced professionals that respect your situation and needs, you are better protected in the long run.

Mann Lawyers LLP serves as this ideal solution for clients, specializing in insolvency and bankruptcy cases. With extensive practical experience, we are here to support you with accurate advice and forceful representation. Our aim is to operate with your best interests at heart, helping you feel welcome from the moment you first make contact with the team. Whether you are a debtor seeking advice before filing an assignment or seeking help within bankruptcy, a creditor attempting to collect from a debtor who seems unwilling or unable to pay, or a trustee in bankruptcy facing a challenge from a creditor or a debtor trying to hide assets, we are here for you.

Our services in this area include:

Bankruptcy Court
Creditor Representation
Debtor Representation
Trustee Representation

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Posted September 24, 2021

As is noted by the Court of Appeal in McEwen (Re), released August 12, 2021, referred to here as “Traders”, the BIA is a complete[...]

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