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Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law

Debtor Representation

When companies and individuals find themselves under the pressure of insolvency, it is important to understand the options available, and the rights and responsibilities attached to each of your options. We work closely with Licensed Insolvency Trustees in helping clients implement strategies to ensure that debtors emerge from insolvency in the best possible position. Employing the right strategy can assist in achieving the best possible outcome in the face of insolvency, and avoid having debts survive the bankruptcy process.

In addition to providing sound and practical strategic advice, our seasoned Bankruptcy Group members regularly represent debtors in respect of, among other things:

  • Defending Discharge Oppositions in Court
  • Responding to allegations that would see debts survive bankruptcy
  • Defending allegations of preferences and under value transactions
  • Examinations before the Official Receiver or Creditors
  • Issues relating to Co-Debtors, spouses, Student Loan debt
  • Defending allegations of offences under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act

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