At Mann Lawyers, we define ourselves by our clients’ success, not our own.  Our 25+ year history of nurturing long-term client relationships shows our capacity for making strong emotional and intellectual connections, the quality of our compassionate, intelligent and thoughtful advice, and our integrity.

Vision Statement

Creating a community where every person feels heard, respected and empowered to achieve their goals, no matter their size.


Mann Lawyers strives to enhance the lives of our team, our clients and our community through knowledge, compassion and commitment to providing exceptional legal advice.



By listening carefully to our clients, we are able to understand what they are going through. That understanding guides our words, thoughts and actions.


A challenge is best met when considered from all dimensions. We collaborate with other professionals to ensure that all outcomes are comprehensive.


We strive to give our clients the right information at the right time so they can make the best decisions.


We are a community of committed professionals who hold each other in the highest regard, and act accordingly.


Our inspiration comes from the opportunity to achieve the best possible outcomes for each other and our clients, every single day. 

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