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Planning for the Family Cottage

The dog days of summer are finally here and for many of us, this is prime cottage season.  A cottage property is a common asset for many in Ontario, however, one could argue that no other asset has the potential to cause so much trouble later on. As the name suggests, a “family cottage” is an asset which […]

Who is Entitled to See the Will?

A Will is a living document and will change over the course of your lifetime. You are allowed to show your Will to anyone you like, but you are also entitled to keep it private. Upon execution of your Will, you should confirm with your estate trustee that they have been named in your Will […]

Real Estate Agreement of Purchase and Sale Clauses

One of the most important documents in a residential real estate transaction is the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. We receive many questions from clients regarding the clauses contained in the standard Ontario Real Estate Association Agreement of Purchase and Sale. So, I will look at various clauses contained in the agreement and explain what […]

Living Will and the Last Will and Testament – Do You Know the Difference?

Many people are familiar with a Last Will and Testament and Powers of Attorney but a common area of confusion is understanding the differences between a Will and a Living Will. Put simply, a Last Will and Testament is a document which states how you intend to deal with your assets and property and outlines your […]

Common Real Estate Terms and Definitions

If you are buying or selling a home, there may be many terms that are unfamiliar to you.  You may feel bombarded with words that seem foreign or are being used in a different context. To understand the “lingo,” here are many of the most common real estate terms that may be helpful to you […]

Common Estate Costs

Before any money or property you leave behind is passed on to your loved ones, your debts must be paid first. Other estate costs, such as funeral costs, legal fees, and other administrative expenses in settling your estate, will also arise. There may be other common estate costs, such as estate administration tax and taxes on investments […]

Packing for Your Vacation 101

Deciding what to bring on vacation is almost as challenging as trying to pack it all in one tiny bag or two. To really experience the awe and enjoyment of a lengthy vacation, as well as having your affairs in working order upon your return, it’s important to consider all aspects of your life and […]

Recreational Cannabis Has Arrived – What Residential Landlords Need to Know

Now that the use of marijuana is legal in Canada, residential landlords should be thinking about how this will affect their rental properties. Smoking marijuana Currently, the Residential Tenancies Act (the “Act”) does not include provisions about smoking substances of any kind in a rental unit. The Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 1994 does, however, ban smoking in common […]

Packing for School?  Don’t Forget Your Powers of Attorney

As university and college students pack their boxes and cars to head off to a new and exciting year, they are likely thinking about their class schedule, frosh week, and what their plans are for Thanksgiving break. One thing they (and, perhaps, their parents) are most likely NOT thinking about is estate planning. Most university […]

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