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Ottawa’s New Vacant Property Tax

As housing prices and rental rates continue to increase, affordable housing is becoming more of an issue in major cities. Municipalities are constantly searching for ways to create affordable housing, whether it is partnering with non-profit organizations or implementing policies focusing on urban intensification. Recently, under section 338.2 of the Municipal Act, the City of […]

Possible Property Tax Break for Ottawa Small Businesses

In my last corporate blog, I discussed a new government loan program for small businesses affected by COVID-19. Unfortunately, even though vaccinations are increasing and restrictions are being lifted, COVID-19 is still having an impact on small businesses and some of these effects will be long-lasting. As a result, more programs are needed to support […]

Things to Consider When Buying Vacant Land to Build a House

Given how competitive the current real estate market is for a home, I have many clients who are deciding to focus their attention on buying vacant lots. While the dream of designing your own custom-home is appealing, there are certain issues that can make buying a vacant lot and building on it more complicated than […]

New Government Loan Program for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Affected by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a trying time, especially for small businesses. The government at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels has implemented various measures to help small businesses, such as Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy and the COVI9 Energy Assistance Program. Recently, the “Highly Affected Sectors Credit Availability Program” (HASCAP) was introduced to provide loans […]

Understanding Legal Fees and Disbursements on a Real Estate Purchase

When potential clients contact me about purchasing a property, the first question is often “how much are the legal fees”. Most people assume there is a standard rate but are surprised to learn that the legal fees charged and the disbursements incurred depend on a variety of factors. While each transaction is unique, here is […]

Franchise Agreement Duration

When considering a franchise, there are many factors to examine, such as the location, costs, and possibly a lease. However, one item that often does not get as much attention as it deserves is the term (i.e. how long the franchise agreement is in place). The [length of] term can have a substantial impact on […]

Loyalty Programs for Franchisees

Like many Canadians, I go to Tim Hortons on a regular basis and was intrigued when they recently unveiled their new loyalty program. Free donuts and coffee for buying the same items I would have already bought? Sign me up! While customers were excited with getting free items, the owners of some stores were a […]

Confirming Your Intended “Use” is Allowed for Your Lease

Finding the right location for your business can be difficult. Once you find the right space, the focus often shifts to negotiating certain terms with the landlord, such as the amount of rent and the length of the lease. One important item that is often glanced over is whether the space can be utilized for […]

Wait, My Mortgage Is Still Registered On Title?

When I speak to clients selling their home, one of the important questions I ask is whether there is a mortgage or line of credit secured against the property. Most of the time, clients will tell me there is still an amount owing on their mortgage and/or line of credit and that it will need […]

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