Let’s Get Down to Business: How To Legally Start a Business in Ontario and the Potential Provincial Employment Law Implications

Determining the Legal Structure of your Business When starting your business endeavour, the appropriate legal structure will depend on the nature of the business itself. For instance, a business venture creating art or small trinkets will invariably incur less risk than a business that underpins housing foundations. As such, a contextual and circumstantial approach is […]

Law Students Applying to the Legal Recruit – Four Ways to Be

Be yourself Imposter syndrome can affect us all but it can be particularly difficult to deal with as a law student at the outset of your legal career. It is important to remind yourself that the basis of the recruitment process is getting to know students for who they are. Remember that recruiters are not […]

Make Sure You Understand Your Lender’s Conditions When Purchasing a Property

In a previous blog, I discussed the importance of having a financing condition when buying a property. While the focus of most people is on the terms of the mortgage (i.e. interest rate, pre-payment conditions, length of the term, etc…) and the appraisal confirming the value of the property, lenders will often impose additional conditions […]

Lack of a Positive COVID-19 Test and Long-Term Disability Benefits

CTV News recently did a story noting that the Omicron variant is causing a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations while, at the same time, the guidelines for who can get a PCR test have been tightened, and rapid tests are almost impossible to come by. This raises the question: If you get sick […]

Skills Set # 24: Recruiting Us

Arthur Ashe is credited with saying that one important key to success is self-confidence, and that another important key to self-confidence is preparation. Whether he actually said this or not, he is right.  Preparation is where you begin to realize your ambition to accept a summer position with a law firm that will give you […]

How Can Workers “Get Rid of the Union”?

Not all Unions are created equal and not all Unions treat their members equitably. As labour lawyers, we often receive calls from employees who are curious about how to “get rid of the Union”. This is possible, but only in narrow circumstances in a process called “decertification”. “Decertification” is the mirror image of “certification”. In […]

Til Death Do Us Another Part?

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “The only two certainties in life are death and taxes.” A recent decision has caused me to think about the importance of considering what will happen when (not if) one of the parties to a divorce action or domestic contract dies in the event  of the parties to a court case […]

Loved Ones May Be Moved More Easily Than Their POA Documents

We often focus on our client’s particular circumstances and assets when we meet to discuss estate planning.  A topic that should not be overlooked is a client’s appointment and responsibility for others under powers of attorney for care and or property. Given the times we live in it is often the case that family members […]

Noting Suspicious Circumstances

In the case of a will, suspicious circumstances questioning capacity may be (1) circumstances surrounding the preparation of the will, (2) circumstances tending to call into question the capacity of the testator, or (3) circumstances tending to show that the free will of the testator was overborne by acts of coercion or fraud. (See Vout […]