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Orthopaedic injuries affect the body’s musculoskeletal system, including the bones, joints, nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons. They can be caused by a motor vehicle accident or a slip and fall and can result in serious on-going symptoms and limitations. The full severity of these injuries is often not fully understood until a great deal of time has passed, and an individual has engaged in regular and ongoing rehabilitative therapy. When you have a serious orthopaedic injury, you may be uncertain where you stand legally and what your rights are. The lawyers at Mann Lawyers can give you the information, objective advice and advocacy you need.

An orthopaedic injury can result from severe impact, such as a motor vehicle accident accident or slip-and-fall accident. Treatment and rehabilitation programs are tailored to each individual case by medical professionals, and they can include surgery, medication, prescribed exercises and physical therapy. During rehabilitation, your ability to continue at your job may be affected by not only the physical injury, but also its emotional effects. As your law firm, we will work to get you the financial support you need to recover.

We will take the burden of a serious injury lawsuit off your shoulders and deal with no-fault benefit or disability insurance claims while you recover. We will continue to communicate with you and help address your treatment and rehabilitation needs. When the time is right, you will be a key partner in any legal process we undertake on your behalf. As your lawyers, we work with you in all aspects of your recovery, both medical and financial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Twisted and sprained ankles, broken legs, dislocations, fractures and more are considered orthopaedic injuries. In addition, damage to cartilage, ligaments, joints, or bones also fall under this classification. Recovery from such injuries can be long, costly and time-consuming, and if not healed correctly, your everyday way of life can become severely limited. If you have suffered in this way due to someone else’s neglectfulness, Mann Lawyers can help you build a compelling case.

Even if you do fully recover from your injuries – and we sincerely hope that you do – there is still the question of whether you can be fairly compensated for lost wages, time, and quality of everyday life. Strain can be placed on emotions and relationships during the recovery period as well. Working with a personal injury lawyer experienced in cases pertaining to orthopaedic injuries can present you with a means of building your case by organizing evidence and structuring your side of the story. This can lead to a potentially more appropriate settlement in many instances.

The Mann Lawyers team wants you to recover comfortably, free of stress and with peace of mind. Therefore, we are happy to take the burden of sorting and filling out such documentation off your shoulders, giving you time to rest and reclaim your quality of life more easily. From no-fault benefit claims to those dealing with disability insurance, our experts in orthopaedic injuries have you covered.

We recommend asking friends, family members and professionals you know who have hired a personal injury lawyer. Some may have an established relationship with them, offering valuable insight into what they are capable of doing for you. However, bear in mind that personal injury is a specialized area of law that requires dedicated training, so be sure to check for someone with practical experience and expertise in this area. A proven track record would help to ensure peace of mind – you want to be comfortable with whomever you choose to work with.

Mann Lawyers is based out of offices in Ottawa and Perth, proudly serving residents of the National Capital Region in addition to clients in Ontario and in Nunavut. Reach out to us today to learn more about our flexible appointment scheduling and availability.

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