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Buying a new home, whether a cottage, condo or new build is an exciting time! Mann Lawyers Real Estate Team is here to help make sure that the process stays exciting. We are experienced in a wide variety of residential property types. No matter what your specific property needs are, we can help assist you in a friendly and efficient manner.

Types of Residential Property We Specialize In

Single family homes: Buying or selling your home is a big decision, and working with our professionals helps make sure the process is as smooth as possible. We will review all agreements, negotiate with the other parties involved and work closely with you to solve any problems that may arise in the home buying and selling process.

Condominiums: Our team can assist you with your condominium purchases including explaining exactly what you own in the condominium and what portion is a common element; explaining what the condo fees cover, what your maintenance and repair obligations are, and what insurance you are required to arrange; and explaining what the reserve fund and reserve fund studies are.

New build homes: Our team is experienced in working with builders and can help you navigate the builder’s lengthy Agreement of Purchase and Sale, to explain the additional costs on closing, the Tarion Statement of Critical Dates, and the Tarion Home Warranty.

Multi-Unit Properties: Multi-unit properties can be a great investment, but there are several other considerations beyond those of a single family dwelling.  We can assist with confirming if the property is zoned for its current use, and if the appropriate City approvals have been obtained for that use; confirming if there is sufficient parking and that the parking use is legal; checking if there are any outstanding work orders or violations with the fire department or electrical safety authority; and addressing any tenant issues if you are assuming tenants.

Cottages and Recreational Properties: Along with the joys of owning recreational properties, they can come with their fair share of legal issues. Our team can examine the title of the property in order to deal with potential issues such as legal access to the property, easements or rights of way, ownership of the waterfront and restrictions on its use, and any well or septic issues that may arise.


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