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Drafting Agreements

The Agreement of Purchase and Sale is central to a successful real estate transaction. It is an important document that outlines all the necessary details of a transaction, and sets out your and the other parties’ rights and expectations.  Poorly worded agreements can lead to costly legal disputes over the terms of the agreement or enforceability of the contract.

For most transactions, there are experienced realtors involved, who will assist you with preparing the agreement.  However, if there is no realtor involved, a lawyer can assist you to prepare an offer to purchase, to ensure it accurately reflects your position and includes all important details.  On occasion, when working with a realtor, there may be unusual circumstances which require a lawyer’s assistance to draft a clause for the agreement, which is tailored to the specific situation.

At Mann Lawyers, we have an experienced team of lawyers who can review the purchase agreement prepared by a realtor with you, or can draft the purchase agreement for you, if required. Our team is also experienced with other real estate agreements including:

  • Option to Purchase Agreements
  • Assignment of Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Easement/Right of Way Agreements

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