Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law

We are here to support you in the field of bankruptcy and insolvency with accurate advice and forceful representation, whether you are a debtor seeking advice before filing an assignment, a creditor attempting to collect from a debtor who seems unwilling or unable to pay, or a trustee in bankruptcy facing a challenge from a creditor or a debtor trying to hide assets.

Our services in this area include:

  • Advice on assignments, proposals, and reorganizations
  • Legal opinions for trustees
  • Bankruptcy Court representation
  • Negotiation and settlement with creditors
  • Surplus income disputes
  • Alleged Fraudulent Transactions or preferences
  • Seeking discharge of student loans
  • Complex commercial insolvency and receiverships
  • Referrals to trustees for filing of assignments and proposals

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Our Bankruptcy and Insolvency Lawyers

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