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Environmental law and the regulation of environmental issues that impact on everyone having any kind of contact with the environment is a constant concern.  It requires careful attention to the issues and the assistance of experienced, knowledgeable counsel with a demonstrated background in dealing with these matters.  The environmental law team at Mann Lawyers has the knowledge and experience necessary to help owners navigate this challenging legal arena.

At Mann Lawyers, our environmental lawyers are exceptionally skilled in dealing with all aspects of environmental law, from ligation to regulatory matters to orders issued by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks and the federal Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.  Our clients can have confidence that they have chosen lawyers who are not only remarkably well-qualified, but who also understand all of the issues, risk and challenges that may arise when dealing with environmental matters.

The field of environmental law is constantly growing and evolving and our environmental lawyers are at the forefront of the field, having been involved in several precedent setting decisions over the past 20 years.


Mann Lawyers’ environmental lawyers have considerable and valuable experience in this important and ever-changing area of the law.  Michael Hebert’s pioneering work in Tridan v. Shell established precedent-setting rules to assist land owners achieve full and proper compensation for environmental damage to their lands.

Michael Hebert and Cheryl Gerhardt McLuckie have assisted clients with contaminated lands, whether that contamination has been caused by:

  • Off-site migration of gasoline, hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds and other chemicals;
  • Fuel spills;
  • Truck rollovers; or
  • Oil tank leakage

In the complex and specific area of landfills, we have assisted neighbouring landholders with their concerns over:

  • Leachate;
  • Gases; and
  • Odours.

Environmental Offences Defence

Clients who deal with environmental matters face a wide spectrum of orders and prosecutions by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservations and Parks and the federal Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.  These include directions in respect of contaminated lands and regulatory orders and directions that can have wide ranging impacts and enormous cost consequences.  The environmental lawyers at Mann Lawyers are experienced in defending these Orders on behalf of our clients.

Environmental Advice

In addition to our advocacy services, the environmental lawyers at Mann Lawyers are skilled and experienced in providing advice to clients who own or occupy contaminated property on issues such as:

  • Environmental regulatory compliance;
  • Reporting obligations;
  • Risk management;
  • Remediation strategies;
  • Director’s and officer’s liability;
  • Third party liability; and
  • The duties of landlords and tenants in respect of environmental issues and compliance obligations.

We also provide advice to mortgagees in taking and enforcing mortgages on lands where environmental issues are or may be present.

Brownfield Redevelopment Projects

We also provide advice to developers and individuals considering Brownfield Redevelopment Projects by:

  • Providing assistance in the assessment of sites;
  • Advising on the availability of and application for grants;
  • Advising on various remediation options, and working with professional engineers;
  • Giving detailed risk assessment counsel; and
  • Providing thorough opinions on third party liability issues.

To learn more about our Environmental Law service area and some of the legal issues as they may arise, please visit our Environmental Law blog.

If we can help you in any way with an environmental law issue, please do not hesitate to call us at (613)722-1500 or by email at environmentallaw@mannlawyers.com.

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