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Environmental Law

Environmental Litigation

The field of environmental law is constantly growing and evolving and our environmental lawyers are at the forefront of the field, having been involved in several precedent setting decisions over the past 20 years.

Mann Lawyers’ environmental lawyers have considerable and valuable experience in this important and ever-changing area of the law. Michael Hebert’s pioneering work in Tridan v. Shell established precedent-setting rules to assist landowners achieve full and proper compensation for environmental damage to their lands.

Michael Hebert and Cheryl Gerhardt McLuckie have assisted clients with contaminated lands, whether that contamination has been caused by fuel spills, truck rollovers or oil tank leakage off-site migration of gasoline, hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds and other chemicals.

In the complex and specific area of landfills, we have assisted neighbouring landholders with their concerns over leachate, gases and odours.

In the recent decision of Sorbam Investments Ltd. v. Litwack et al., 2021 ONSC 5226, we were successful in establishing liability in nuisance and negligence against a non-polluting landowner which had acquired a contaminated property.

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