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Keeping your household and family happy, healthy, and safe is a lifelong task and presents daily challenges and rewards for your efforts. If you are encountering hardship along the way, know that seeking legal advice can more effectively protect your investments, loved ones, and yourself.

A suitable lawyer can handle cases that require expertise in different areas, whether involving child welfare, separation and divorce, or otherwise. On the other hand, if you and your spouse have chosen different paths and your relationship is ending, you likely have several questions or concerns. The road through separation and divorce is daunting, and a lawyer dedicated to finding solutions can help. Every family is unique, and therefore, you need a balance of experience and compassion for the best-quality family law services.

This is where Mann Lawyers comes in. Our legal team has well over 100 years of combined experience. We know family law well, having helped many clients over the decades. Our years of practice in and out of court give us the perspective to help you analyze your options and make decisions from an informed perspective. If you are entering a new relationship and have questions about your rights and responsibilities or wish for help in drafting a cohabitation agreement or marriage contract to deal with those rights, we can help you.

Personalized, Well-Informed Legal Services

Mann Lawyers approaches every single case differently, which allows us to focus on facts and details that could otherwise go overlooked and change your outcome. We are a law firm that specializes in personalized, well-informed family law services custom-tailored to your needs. Our lawyers are committed to guiding family members to creative solutions by providing practical and individual legal advice. We can assist you in and out of court with ease.

We strive to be quick and concise without skipping elements that could help you achieve a favourable outcome. Our goal is to satisfy clients with fact-focused, thoughtful legal counsel that is based on their situation specifically. We also know how such processes can be emotionally taxing, which is why we incorporate a friendly and understanding approach when working with you. We want for you and your family to feel welcome and comfortable when consulting with us.

You can be assured of precise attention paid to even the smallest detail — nothing is insignificant to us when gathering compelling evidence or documentation supporting your side of the story. Our team has not only the depth and profound experience to protect you and your interests in court but also the skills to drive towards an amicable settlement out of court.

We can conduct negotiations with the intent of leading everyone towards an optimal resolution with minimal expense, delay, and acrimony. We offer arbitration and mediation services and lawyers who practice Collaborative Family Law.

We also have experience in fertility and surrogacy law and can assist parents and surrogates by drafting and providing independent legal advice on surrogacy agreements.

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