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Family Law

Division Of Property And Assets

Divorce and Marital Property Division in Ontario

During a long-term relationship, couples often make personal and financial choices for the benefit of the family as a whole. When that relationship dissolves, assets must be divided accordingly. Married spouses enjoy different rights than common-law spouses, although both can assert a legal claim for property.

The lawyers in the family law group at Mann Lawyers in Ottawa answer your important questions about the impact divorce and separation have on your finances. We are also your advocates, assisting you in the negotiation of a separation agreement and support arrangement that is practical and realistic.

Effects of the Law on Property Division

In the absence of a cohabitation or marriage agreement, the law establishes property division guidelines for couples. The principle of equalization — that the increase in net worth of a couple during a marriage is shared equally — applies to couples in a legal marriage seeking divorce. Common-law spouses are not subject to equalization but may make a claim on assets upon separation based on trust principles.

Our family lawyers provide clients with an assessment of the legal steps to take to protect their rights to assets during divorce. As a full-service firm featuring respected and seasoned lawyers, we use our comprehensive knowledge to advise you as you move forward. We are committed to understanding every client’s unique concerns for his or her family during separation and divorce, and to arming each client with the necessary tools to feel confident in the future.

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