From March 2020 until September 2020, we summarized the Ontario family case law to help clarify what lawyers and parties could expect during the pandemic.

Now that courts are returning to (modified) normal operations, we shifted the focus of this document to provide readers with the COVID-19 family case law highlights. From September 2020 onward, this document will provide readers with a thorough overview of the case law so they can understand how a Court would react to a particular COVID-19 issue. We will no longer be reporting on every case from the family court but rather, the cases that provide us with important pandemic information.

You can find the latest version of our case law summary here.

We recommend using the “Ctrl + F” feature to search this PDF for keywords related to your topic of interest. The summaries are in chronological order, from newest to oldest.

This document is not legal advice and is provided for informational purposes only. We encourage readers to refer to the full cases for the best understanding.

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