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Fighting For a Boxer: Pet Ownership in Family Law

In the case of Duboff v. Simpson, 2021 ONSC 4970, the Honourable Justice Papageorgiou presided over a summary trial involving two young lawyers feuding over their pet boxer, Layla. The parties were in a relationship for four years and were never married. Following their breakup in September 2019, Layla resided primarily with Mr. Duboff, who […]

Annulments: a Rare Legal Mechanism

Annulments in Ontario are governed by the Annulment of Marriages Act. Annulments are a rare legal mechanism used to address relationship breakdown as an alternative to divorce. An annulment is a recognition by the courts that a marriage was never valid in the first place, whereas divorce presupposes a valid marriage. Nullity results from a deficiency […]

5 Tips for Healthy Communication During a Separation or Divorce

The pain and stress of relationship breakdown often bring out the worst in us. In the aftermath as we try to give our lives new structure, poor communication can hold us back from moving on. Communication is not simply a factor in the mental and emotional wellbeing of spouses and children; it can also impact […]

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