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Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury, caused by a motor vehicle accident or a slip and fall, often results in mobility limitations. These can range from impaired movement of arms or legs due to nerve damage to complete paralysis of the body below the site of the injury. Many people who experience the effects of a serious spinal cord injury find that their lives have been permanently changed. Recovery is possible, but requires extensive physical therapy, many hours of rehabilitation and a workable plan for a new life that takes changed mobility into account. The lawyers at Mann Lawyers offer those with spinal cord injuries advocacy, information and a roadmap to receiving the support they require for the next phase of their lives.

The changes in mobility following a spinal cord injury will impact each individual in distinct ways. The immediate needs may include modifications to their home and a vehicle to accommodate a wheelchair and assistive devices. In the long term, depending on the person’s occupation before the injury, job retraining and education for a new career may be necessary. On a personal level, previously enjoyed recreational pursuits may have to be abandoned or engaged in differently and new more suitable activities will need to be introduced. A personalized approach to accessing rehabilitation services will ensure that the individual can take advantage of all of the vocational and recreational options that technology has made available to those with reduced mobility.

The lawyers at Mann Lawyers are here to remove the burden of negotiating with your insurance company to ensure that you get the benefits you need and deserve. We take appropriate legal steps to gain access to any source of compensation that is available to fund your medical rehabilitation. If your injury is the result of a motor vehicle accident, or if someone else is at fault for your condition, we can help you take legal action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When trying to seek justice for spinal cord injuries, it can be difficult to interact with others due to mobility-related limitations. However, if possible, we highly recommend reaching out to loved ones or professionals you trust to hear their suggestions for personal injury lawyers. Ask about their credentials, experience, and what areas of the law they practice in. Personal injury is a very complex topic that requires specialized legal training, so you should definitely look for a lawyer that focuses on such aspects of law. It is even better if they offer services tailored to your specific injury type, as it likely means they have experience with others who have gone through similar circumstances.

In order to have a successful personal injury case pertaining to spinal cord injuries, first we need to determine the liability of those involved. This is achieved through the careful, gathering of evidence and documents supporting your side of the story. In addition, we will assess the situation at hand to determine what an appropriate amount should be sought for damages – in other words, financial compensation.

Therefore, we need to prove how you have been injured – physically, emotionally, or psychologically – in addition to whether someone else is at fault. For the best results, the facts need to speak for themselves and confirm that you are not to blame.

It is very rare for personal injury cases to reach court proceedings, largely due to the fact that the civil litigation process in Ontario is geared towards out-of-court settlements. Therefore, only a small percentage of such cases go this far.

Despite this, we highly recommend you gather evidence and build your case as if it were indeed going to be presented in court. If we assume that the case is going to settle rather than progress to the next level, a trial could occur as the defence lawyer may recognize that your lawyer is not prepared to try the case. Think of it as a window of opportunity for the negligent party and his lawyer to shirk any blame, which is best avoided by collecting ample evidence and working with a personal injury lawyer who cares about the little details. It is often those details that make a significant impact in the outcome of your case.


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