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Suffering from a personal injury is more than just physically painful — it can also cause mental distress and result in financial burdens. Family can lose time and money in helping you recover. Additionally, your own employment can be delayed or terminated, meaning a loss of personal income. Also, there are the expenses associated with healthcare, rehabilitation, and other forms of support, to say nothing about the changes needed if you suffer permanent bodily or mental health damage.

The very last thing you need at this time is to be weighed down with legal concerns.

Whether you want to pursue an individual or organization for causing an accidental injury or are being denied an insurance claim, it is a good idea to work with an experienced legal firm.

Mann Lawyers can alleviate such concerns and stress triggers on your behalf, ensuring you have the most persuasive possible argument if seeking justice or compensation. Whether you have been injured in an accident, disabled from your job, or if your claim for disability benefits has been denied, you need a law firm in your corner that will aggressively pursue your claim for compensation. By working with our legal team, we can help you to focus all your effort and energy on getting better.

100+ Years of Collective Legal Experience

Mann Lawyers has an experienced personal injury and disability insurance team of lawyers and law clerks to provide you with expert guidance and advice as well as exceptional service and support. We have successfully represented personal injury victims and disabled litigants throughout Eastern and Northern Ontario — we know how to present your case in order to achieve the most favourable results.

Mann Lawyers is different from other law firms. We will work closely together with you and your healthcare providers to protect your legal rights and promote your well-being. Our approach is personal and comforting, aimed at helping you feel at ease during such an emotionally and physically frustrating time. As a client of Mann Lawyers, you can expect the following:

  • Flexible fee arrangements
  • Flexible meeting times, including weeknights and weekends if required
  • Timely response to your inquiries
  • Timely communication on your file and with respect to the progress of the litigation
  • Exceptional support and service
  • Assistance in applying for Provincial and Federal benefits, including accident benefits
  • Employment Insurance sickness benefits and Canada Pension Plan disability benefits

If you are looking for peace of mind, then look no further. Our personal injury law services are custom-tailored to suit your needs. Contact us today for an appointment and experience the Mann Lawyers difference.

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