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Wait … I have a partner?

Most people don’t even realize that, at law, you may be operating a partnership. Unlike a corporation there are no documents to sign, if you are in business with someone else and are trying to make a profit then the laws of partnership apply.  The consequences for the unwary can be far reaching.  Our team is very experienced in all matters relating to one of the most versatile forms of carrying on a business. A partnership can be an effective tool. We help our clients understand their rights and obligations as they relate to the framework of a partnership.

Establishing a partnership

When going into a business venture, a partnership can be an attractive vehicle for liability, tax and business purposes. It is the most flexible business vehicle at law and can be molded to all business situations.  The Mann Lawyers Business team is experienced in facilitating, advising and assisting the establishment of partnerships. We help our clients by advising on the appropriate type of partnership and drafting effective partnership agreements. We advise on and create:

  • General partnerships
  • Professional partnerships
  • Limited liability partnerships
  • Limited partnerships

Of course, the partnership will vary depending on your business needs. At Mann Lawyers, the Business Law team takes pride in finding the right solution for you.

Advising partners and amending partnership agreements

We regularly advise professionals such as accountants and lawyers on their agreements.  Finding efficiencies, clarity and bringing our real world experience as trusted advisors to all sizes of partnerships in multiple industries is what we do, and what we can do for you.

Whether you are looking to form a partnership for a business venture (i.e. brewery) or are looking to establish a limited liability partnership as part of a profession (i.e. lawyer), the Mann Lawyers Business team is eager to assist and guide you through the process.

Our structure as a full-service firm means that the Mann Lawyers Business Law team can collaborate and connect with experts in various areas of law to ensure your interests are protected. We have access to environmental, employment and labour, and construction law experts, among others, that will help with issues or matters that may arise throughout the process.

Curious as to the different types of partnerships and when they may be used? Click here to visit our FAQ page. Considering incorporation? Check out our incorporation page to see how the Mann Lawyers Business Law team can help you.

For more information on the services we provide, contact the Mann Lawyers Business Law team.

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