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Business Law

Purchase And Sale Of A Business

The purchase & sale of a business is a complex and challenging process. Our Business Law team has the knowledge and experience to guard your interests and maximize your return. Whether you are the vendor or purchaser, our Business Law team is well equipped to guide you through any transaction.

Each business has similarities with and differences from others in its sector and beyond. No “one size fits all” approach works; instead, numerous factors will influence a transaction including available resources, time constraints and pressures and risk/liability allocation.

We can advise about potential pitfalls in the purchase of any business, including:

  • How to structure the purchase
  • Tax issues
  • Agreement of Purchase and Sale and ancillary documents
  • Due Diligence
  • Dealing with employees
  • Preservation of goodwill

Our team is on your side and the growth and success of your business is important to us. We provide ongoing advice on:

  • Employee matters
  • Contract negotiation drafting
  • Reorganization
  • Restructuring
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency issues
  • Risk management
  • Assembling an advisory team
  • Employee purchase plans
  • Succession planning
  • Corporate governance

Our structure as a full-service firm means that the Mann Lawyers Business Law team can collaborate and connect with experts in various areas of law to ensure your interests are protected. We have access to environmental, employment and labour, and construction law experts, among others, that will help with issues or matters that may arise throughout the process.

We also manage our client’s risk on the sale of any business by providing a framework for how to deal with employees, suppliers, and customers so that the transition to the chosen buyer is smooth. If you are considering a sale of all or part of your business, our lawyers will provide the advice you need to maximize your sale price. We will listen to your concerns, ascertain your needs and desires in the sale of a business, and determine how best to proceed to meet your goals. We work proactively with your accountants and other tax advisors to meet your financial targets.

The Mann Lawyers business law team can advise on a number of issues in order to maximize your return on a sale, and to minimize the tax payable, including the following:

  • How to structure your sale
  • Tax consequences and re-organizations
  • Business valuations
  • Agreement of Purchase and Sale and ancillary documents
  • Management succession

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

The Mann Lawyers Business Law team is well positioned to identify, analyze and explore each variable pertaining to a merger or acquisition. In a merger or acquisition there are many factors that can or may need to be considered such as the industry/ sector, securities laws, foreign investment and competition laws, tax, Intellectual Property, labour relations and employment, pension and benefits matters, international or multi-jurisdictional matters, etc. Some or all of these (plus others) may or may not be relevant depending upon the circumstances.

A successful acquisition/disposition transaction requires care and attention in preparation and execution, including in the analysis of trends and customs in structuring and creating the principal documentation.

Our business law team drafts agreements, reviews documentation and advises you on a wide range of items relating to your merger or acquisition, including:

  • negotiating agreements of purchase and sale
  • due diligence process
  • drafting non-disclosure agreements
  • drafting promissory notes, general security agreements, share pledges and escrow agreements
  • preparing letters of intent
  • negotiating financing
  • directors and shareholders resolutions, officer’s certificates and corporate opinions.
  • securing funding
  • Identifying risks and contingent liabilities

We work with you every step of the way, from the initial assessment until the deal is closed. At Mann Lawyers LLP we work together to help you with a smooth transition. For more information, please contact the Mann Lawyers Business Law team.

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