Commercial Litigation

At Mann Lawyers, our commercial litigators are skilled and experienced advocates who recognize that business disputes require a business-minded approach. We use our considerable experience in this field to safeguard clients from unforeseen risks, helping guide them towards the best possible outcome.

We provide clear and practical advice, using sensible strategies to achieve successful resolutions for our clients. In some cases, disputes can be resolved without the need for a court process or trial. Wherever possible, we use our significant alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proficiency to attain efficient and favourable resolutions. Where a negotiated settlement is not practical, we are ever-ready to deploy our extensive and respected courtroom expertise on your behalf.

Our Commitment to Quality Legal Service

We take our service commitment seriously. Using an array of resources — including a large team of experienced lawyers and support staff — our goal is to cover all the necessary angles. That way, you can approach our process with greater comfort and peace of mind. We want you to feel not only welcome but also confident that you have selected experts who can more than handle the task set before them.

As our client, you will always know where you stand. This includes when it comes to chances of success, strategies, the timing of next steps, anticipated costs, and more. This ensures that you can make informed decisions and that you are never caught off-guard. We communicate, we are responsive, and we understand that Mann Lawyers is in the business of supporting your business. This is why Mann Lawyers is proud to be a respected firm in the communities of Ottawa, Perth and the surrounding areas.

We recognize that our strategies and actions have the potential to impact not just your legal interests, but your business interests as well. We are alert to the risks and opportunities that arise in commercial disputes and we will identify them for you.

Our commercial litigation team has ample experience in a broad range of commercial disputes, including the following:

  • Contract disputes
  • Director and officer liability claims
  • Shareholder, partnership and corporate governance disputes
  • Oppression and derivative claims
  • Public procurement and tendering disputes (Federal, Provincial, Municipal)
  • Franchise disputes
  • Distribution, supplier, licensing and other contractual disputes
  • Construction disputes, including construction liens
  • Fraud recovery
  • Bankruptcy

To learn more about our Commercial Litigation service offerings, please visit our blog.

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Our Commercial Litigation Lawyers

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