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Commercial Litigation

Shareholder, Partnership, Oppression, & Derivative Disputes

Our Commercial Litigation group has extensive experience advancing and defending the interests of corporate stakeholders.

Whether a stakeholder (shareholder, former shareholder, director, officer, affiliate, creditor, etc.) is aligned with the majority interest, a minority interest, or finds itself in a deadlock, there are rights and obligations that exist among stakeholders to ensure fair treatment and remedies available to address wrongdoing or to break a deadlock.

The oppression remedy is available to certain stakeholders whose legal or equitable rights have been compromised by the corporation (or by other stakeholders vis-à-vis the corporation) acting in a manner that is oppressive, unfairly prejudicial, or that disregards the interests of a stakeholder. Derivative actions allow certain stakeholders to advance claims in the name of the corporation, for wrongs committed against the corporation where the board of directors has chosen not to advance a claim on behalf of the corporation. The oppression remedy and derivative actions are powerful tools meant to protect minority interests.

We assist clients in understanding these rights, obligations, and remedies so that clients can avoid disputes that distract from business objectives. Where conflict cannot be avoided, we advance and defend client interests in court.

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