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Where to turn for compensation and/or vindication is a daunting task. In fact, even well-trained legal professionals get it wrong all the time.

First, there are the Provincial and Federal courts, each with their own procedural requirements. Not only does each court have their own procedure, each separate area of law (family, estates, criminal etc.) usually adds to the complexity by requiring even more procedural nuances to be met. Furthermore, each court has their own appeal mechanism, with the only constant being that the final appeal usually goes to the Supreme Court of Canada, albeit very rarely.

In addition to the court system, the Canadian and Ontarian legal labyrinth has been complicated further by social justice tribunals, such as human rights tribunals and landlord tenant boards. Although designed to be easily accessible by those without lawyers, these tribunals are commonly just as confusing as the courts are for those with or without legal training.

There is also the arbitration process. There are specialized arbitrations for areas of law such as Family or Labour law. There is also the Arbitration Act in Ontario which addresses the general rules of entering the arbitration process within a variety of other disputes (such as contracts). Parties can often choose to address any future conflicts by arbitration in contractual clauses or be forced into arbitration by legislation.

And, within all the above, there is negotiation. This is generally the ongoing process within any legal matter where parties hopefully try and come to a mutually agreeable outcome with the assistance of their lawyers.

Choosing where to turn with your legal problem should not be an endeavour taken alone. Sometimes, there will only be one correct option. Other times, there will be multiple options, but one will likely be a far better choice than another. Knowing where to go and how to approach the legal issue is where qualified counsel are invaluable.

Our team of lawyers have experience appearing before a variety of Courts and Tribunals and related processes in both the employment and labour context including the following:

  • Ontario Labour Relations Board
  • Ontario Superior Court
  • Federal Court
  • Small Claims Court
  • Ontario Human Rights Tribunal
  • Canadian Human Rights Commission
  • Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal
  • Grievance Arbitrations
  • Mediations
  • Negotiations

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