Karine DevostHead of Personal Injury

    Karine Devost, Head of Personal Injury


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    Karine’s Service Areas

    Medical Malpractice
    Personal Injury

    I practice in the area of Personal Injury and am head of the Personal Injury department at Mann Lawyers.

    I chose to practice in the area of personal injury, for the same reason I became a lawyer: to help individuals and their families who have been wronged and are suffering. My years of law practice has taught me that the pain my client goes through is also felt by their families and loved ones, who may also have claims that must be addressed.

    I have seen first-hand how the negligence and/or incompetence of individuals or corporations, impacts my clients.  I know well, that no injury is too small, and that every injury is serious.  Whether you have suffered a catastrophic motor vehicle accident, medical negligence, or a preventable slip and fall I will passionately advocate on your behalf and help you navigate the often complex legal process.

    I began my Bachelor studies in Edmundston, New Brunswick where I am originally from, before coming to Ottawa in 1994. I completed a degree in Social Science with specialization in International Political Science in 1996, and graduated law from the University of Ottawa in 1999.  I was called to the Ontario bar in 2001.  I am a member of the Canadian Muslim Lawyers’ Association and the Canadian Association of Muslim Women in Law.

    Je suis parfaitement bilingue et je représente mes clients dans les deux langues officielles.

    I am also very active in the Muslim community, providing legal advice to the local Mosques and organizations in Ottawa. Having converted to Islam in 2004, I am sensitive to our cultural needs as well as the various accommodations required by Ottawa’s very diverse community.  I will do my best to accommodate your needs, whatever your background.

    In addition to being a dedicated soccer mom and first Kyu Brown belt in Shotokan Karate, I am considered a high-end athlete active in many sports, especially competitive skiing.  Since winning the 2003 Canadian Masters Ski Championships, I continue to race with the Ottawa Master’s Ski Association.

    It is with this winning mindset that I will represent you.  If you have been injured, or have suffered a loss, please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone or email.

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